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Join Syd to navigate a freshman year during COVID-19. Syd discusses classes, dorm living and making ... more

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April 19, 2021 00:17:09
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Ghosts and Tik Tok: 4/14/21

Syd and Molly talk ghosts, tiktok and polls all this week on Syd & Friends.  Listen to Syd and Friends every Wednesday from 8-9p.m. on 88.9FM, or online at ...



April 14, 2021 00:36:28
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The Debut of Syd and Friends: 4/7/21

Syd is back, and she is now LIVE with her friends Co-hosting alongside her! Molly Carroll and Syd discuss a broad range of pop culture topics including Lil Nas X, Spongebob and several Tik-Tok trends. They also delve into their freshman experience, look back at the fall semester and remain hopeful as they finish their spring semester. ...



February 18, 2021 00:10:27
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Episode 8: The One Where She was TikTok Famous (TFEWS)

Syd has Sammi Stone on her podcast to discuss managing social media and trying to get a Bachelor's Degree. They discuss cyberbullying and juggling school work and mental health. Syd also makes a big announcement at the end!     ...



November 20, 2020 00:19:20
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Episode 7: The One Where She Came Home for the Holidays (TFEWS)

Syd interviews her friend Sheridan Millington, a freshman at St.Lawrence, and the two discuss their different experiences this fall at two different colleges. Also, they talk about coming home for the holidays. ...



October 26, 2020 00:09:48
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Episode 6: The One Where They Got to Vote! (TFEWS)

Syd records solo to talk about the importance of voting. Election Day is November 3, and everyone should VOTE. ...



October 13, 2020 00:18:07
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Episode 5: The One Where She had a Sunset Chair (TFEWS)

Syd brings Haley Muhel back for this week's episode, and they discuss Haley’s time in quarantine. Syd pokes fun at Haley for having a “sunset chair” during her time in Funnelle Hall. ...