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Join Syd to navigate a freshman year during COVID-19. Syd discusses classes, dorm living and making friends in a pandemic.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Debut of Syd and Friends: 4/7/21

    Syd is back, and she is now LIVE with her friends Co-hosting alongside her! Molly Carroll and Syd discuss a broad range of pop culture topics including Lil Nas X, Spongebob and several Tik-Tok trends. They also delve into their freshman experience, look back at the fall semester and remain hopeful ...


  2. Episode 8: The One Where She was TikTok Famous (TFEWS)

    Syd has Sammi Stone on her podcast to discuss managing social media and trying to get a Bachelor's Degree. They discuss cyberbullying and juggling school work and mental health. Syd also makes a big announcement at the end!     ...


  3. Episode 7: The One Where She Came Home for the Holidays (TFEWS)

    Syd interviews her friend Sheridan Millington, a freshman at St.Lawrence, and the two discuss their different experiences this fall at two different colleges. Also, they talk about coming home for the holidays. ...


  4. Episode 6: The One Where They Got to Vote! (TFEWS)

    Syd records solo to talk about the importance of voting. Election Day is November 3, and everyone should VOTE. ...


  5. Episode 5: The One Where She had a Sunset Chair (TFEWS)

    Syd brings Haley Muhel back for this week's episode, and they discuss Haley’s time in quarantine. Syd pokes fun at Haley for having a “sunset chair” during her time in Funnelle Hall. ...