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October 07, 2020 00:22:50
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Episode 2: The One Where I Ran Out of Dining Dollars (TFEWS)

In this week's episode of The Freshman Experience with Syd, Syd brings Iesha Kea on to the show to talk about this week's spotlight topic. Iesha gives tips and advice with Syd, as they share personal experiences. They discuss budgeting, sleep and study habits, as well as increased personal freedom. Tune in to find out about things to do around campus (while maintaining the COVID-19 policy), and where all Syd’s dining dollars went.    ...



October 05, 2020 00:10:19
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Episode 4: The One Where They Talk About Sports (TFEWS)

On this weeks episode of, Syd interviews one of the Oswego State women's soccer team's newest members, Haley Muehl, to talk about playing sports as a freshmen and some of the expectations she has as a student-athlete. Though sports are on pause, student-athletes are still working hard to maintain grades and stay well-conditioned until they can get back on the field. ...



September 23, 2020 00:06:56
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Episode 3: The One Where Molly Went To Maine (TFEWS)

On this weeks episode, Syd talks about Oswego State's two-week pause of in-person and highlights the importance of staying in the dorms during this time. She welcomes in Molly Carroll, who discusses her trip to Maine with her cousins. ...



September 09, 2020 00:17:41
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Episode 1: The One Where my Roomate Slept on the Floor (TFEWS)

In the first episode of The Freshmen Experience with Syd, Syd introduces herself to the audience and interviews her roomate and fellow freshman, Mekaia Reid. Later in the show, Mekaia shares the story of when she had to sleep on the floor, and how the freshmen are adjusting to life on campus. ...